Prospective Students: Why study here?

Consider this:

  • Adults spend over 21 hours/week watching television
  • Children spend over 35 hours/week watching television
  • Average time-spend on news is about two hours
  • Advertising grew by 32% during 2010
  • Television industry is expected to grow at a rate of 12.9%
  • Radio is growing at 20%
  • Print Media is growing at 13%
  • Internet is growing at 20%
  • India is the second largest mobile market in the world

Studying at the Department
Communication, which includes mass media, is a discipline that draws from several other disciplines & incorporates critical thinking besides various skills.

Students at the Department of Communication are trained to prepare and present news and information in a changing media landscape. Besides a degree in communication, studying at the Department imparts technical skills and an analytic mindset and inquisitive nature necessary to be successful in a variety of professions in the media/communication sector.

The Department of Communication not only tracks media growth but also studies it from the political-economy, sociological perspectives. Needless to say, students acquire necessary skills to face the challenges in the industry.

Practical exposure
No other university department in the country offers the  kind of practical exposure that DoC provides. Spending two years at the department towards acquiring a Master’s degree means passing out with two years of media experience.

Writing, designing, publishing print content, conceptualising, scripting, shooting & editing videos both in the studio & on-field, going on-air with Bol Hyderabad 90.4 FM, the university’s campus radio station are some exciting things that students do.

Field research takes them closer to ground realities giving them an on-hand experience of writing research reports.

Regular seminars, workshops, symposia attended by scholars & practitioners of national & international repute help students keep pace with the dynamic changes in the discipline.

Global connections, great faculty
Faculty at the Department are known nationally & beyond for their cutting-edge work. Students often get an opportunity to work with them on various projects providing them ‘live’ experience.

Great classmates
Because the Department is top-rated, you will have some of the brightest minds for company. On most projects, you’ll often be working in teams. Collaborating with smart, motivated students will make you better.

Industry-grade facilities
Be it the computer lab, video studio or radio studio, the Department ensures that it updates itself with industry-grade facilities. Therefore, you will not feel dated when you leave the department with the degree in hand.

Affordable fee structure
While the costs on higher education are only looking up, the Department ensures that you get the best value for the fee you pay with all the plus points. You can rest assured that you will get the best for the fee you pay.