Create ‘thinking’ and ‘socially conscious’ communication personnel for the convergent environment

MA Communication (Media Studies): With a theory, research and critical focus, this two-year programme exposes students to the theoretical and conceptual foundations of the discipline as well as building in them the skills to apply these principles in the field as practitioners and researchers. Courses under this programme range from understanding how communication and media interface with issues of development and social change to critically analyzing media industries, popular cultural phenomena, histories of media, and digital culture.

Students can select from a range of courses while meeting the requirements of their chosen programme, in a manner that blends theory and practice even as it may emphasize one or the other. The programmes are enriched by supplementing teaching with regular workshops by experts/ industry professionals.

Programme Learning Outcomes

On completion of the two-year MA Communication Programme (Media Studies), students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of the history, structure and functioning of the media industry in India
  • Recall and apply theoretical and conceptual foundations of communication and media studies
  • Demonstrate a critical historical perspective of the study of communication, conceived broadly
  • Identify, restate and critically review the complex interactions of media, society and culture in local, national, regional and global scales
  • Apply a range of research tools to study issues in the field of media and communication
  • Use digital tools such as audio and video for documentation
  • Utilise software to input and analyse media and research data
  • Provide theoretical and practical insights into the ways in which communication relates to social, economic and political change
  • Critically engage with media practices and products for purposes of commentary and research