Create ‘thinking’ and ‘socially conscious’ communication personnel for the convergent environment

MA Communication (Media Practice): With a convergent journalism media practice and technology focus resulting in the ability to tell engaging stories for a variety of purposes and in a range of contexts.

This two-year programme that exposes students to an array of media skills and practices, ranging from writing to audio-visual and digital media production, preparing them for jobs in the media industry or for independent media practice. Courses under this specialization build on a foundation of media and communication theory while equipping students with the skills, techniques and understanding to function in a variety of media roles, from content creation to dissemination to management in the rapidly converging media ecosystem.

Programme Learning Outcomes

On completion of the two-year MA Communication (Media Practice), students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of the history, structure and functioning of the media industry in India
  • Understand the various creative and managerial roles that media practitioners play
  • Identify and apply the ethical practices and legal norms that govern media practice
  • Combine critical analysis with high-level skills to build a more ethical, creative and socially responsible media practice
  • Demonstrate skills needed to enter the media industry, including the ability to write, produce and disseminate multimedia content
  • Demonstrate and apply skills (writing, audio-visual production, editing, dissemination) in a range of media platforms and contexts
  • Independently produce and package content in selected formats (text, image, sound, multimedia)
  • Work in diverse teams to produce complex media outputs
  • Identify the broad trends and dynamics that drive the media industry nationally and globally
  • Critically analyse media content and apply this critical thinking to their own media practice