The Department of Communication boasts of the latest and state-of-the-art professional grade equipment to train its students.


  • Write for and produce a professional lab journal.
  • Plan, budget and execute simple to complex multi-camera productions both studio and field based like interviews, panel discussions, simple game shows, field & indoor events.
  • Plan, budget and execute simple to complex single-camera productions
  • Use MoJo kits to create stories 
  • Package stories in the Convergence Lab
  • Produce TV News, current affairs features, short films (documentary & fiction), music videos, reality shows etc. during the two-year programme.
  • Plan, budget and execute programmes of various genres and formats for radio.
  • Plan, budget and execute multi-media presentations.
  • Produce content for the internet using a content management system (CMS).

Access to and use of studio facilities are governed by rules laid out by the department. Students have to provide necessary undertaking regarding access/utility rules for the labs.

Students/ teams wishing to access equipment will be required to fill in requisition forms and get  it duly approved by the faculty concerned.

The studio staff will then issue the equipment. It will be the students’ responsibility to check for the efficacy of the equipment. 

Use of equipment by students is monitored & evidence of misuse immediately results in losing privileges for a given semester or the entire programme duration.  Depending on the gravity of misuse, the student may also be required to pay penalties, which might include replacing the equipment.

Check out the facilities

  • A networked Computer Lab for Print media students to produce their lab journal. Students also use the computer lab for their assignments and other project-related work.
  • The computers are loaded with industry grade desktop publishing (QuarkXpress, Adobe Indesign), photo manipulation (Adobe Photoshop), website creation (WordPress) for students to work on their projects.
  • MoJo Kit 
  • It is also equipped with an exclusive server for students to design & manage web content.
  • A professional grade printer & scanner for students to work on their lab journal & other multi-media projects.
  • Students are encouraged to work on other multi-media software during their free time.
  • A multi-camera studio complete with a huge studio floor, production control room, three cameras controlled by camera control units, online audio & video mixing, online titling and graphics machine, studio talk-back and digital recording facility.
  • Virtual Studio
  • Online Chroma-keying facility.
  • Ten single camera production units (Full HD & Mini DV) with microphones, camera support systems & other accessories.
  • Portable lighting kits.
  • Five non-linear edit suites with colour correction, motion graphics 3-D animation and compositing, CD/DVD writing facilities.
  • Two DVD recorders to record programmes directly from the edit suites.
  • Facility for multi-camera field production.
  • Television to DVD recording facility.
  • The department has set up an audio studio for its campus radio station. Students will be able to work on the campus radio and also train  with industry-grade field and studio equipment.
  • Twelve digital audio recorders with professional microphones for field recording.
  • Studio includes a recording floor with various kinds of professional microphones, an industry-grade production control room with equipment for production and post-production.  Students use AudacityAdobe Audition for their recording & editing needs.
  • The audio set up  includes Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) with CD / DVD writing facilities.
  • Phone-in facility.
  • An exclusive transmission room with automation software for programme playback/broadcast.

The University has a Health Centre, Sports Centre & Guest House.

The Dean of Students’ Welfare is assisted by the Students’ Union in matters of student welfare.

The University has also set up a Committee Against Sexual Harassment & an exclusive Proctoral Board to deal with matters of student discipline.