The Department of Communication, with the support of National Council of Rural Institutes, is pleased to announce the NCRI-UoH Rural Communication Summer Internships 2017.

This is open only to second semester MA Communication students of the department currently enrolled, in fulfillment of the internship requirement in the Department.

Total Number of Internships: Two (2)

Duration:  The internship shall be for a minimum period of 6 weeks and up to a maximum of 8 weeks. Selected students must take up the internship after the end of the semester examinations and must be completed before classes begin for the III Semester in July 2017.

Where:  The internship must be with a government agency/organization or a non-governmental organization involved in rural development work (to be approved by the department).  Substantive part of the work to be done by the student must be in a rural area and must be clearly related to communication.

Selection Process: Interested students must submit an application in the prescribed format, along with a 300-word write-up about their concept of rural communication and what they would like to be able to learn during the internship period.  Shortlisted students may be subjected to further screening by way of a personal interview.  Candidates who already have a clear idea about the organization with which they would like to work (and may even have got initial approval from the organization) will be given priority.

Stipend: NCRI will pay a stipend of Rs.10, 000 per month, up to a maximum of two months. Internship for periods shorter than two months, but exceeding one month, will earn stipend on a pro-rata basis.

Output/Evaluation: Upon successful completion of the internship, the intern is expected to submit a detailed Internship Report, including specific functions performed, projects on which they worked, key lessons learnt, etc.

The Department would also seek an evaluation report from the intern’s supervisor in the organization.  Any adverse report from the organization on the intern’s level of effort, attitude, and behaviour may result in the student earning a lower grade for the mandatory internship requirement and/or foregoing the stipend amount.

Deadline:  March 10, 2017, 5p.m.

Head, Department of Communication